Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

Switching to a salt water pool is more natural and cost effective over time than maintaining a traditional chlorinated pool. There are pros and cons to all decisions, but after you have decided to convert to a salt water pool, you can enjoy all the benefits, including less pool service Cape Coral. Believe it or not, switching to a salt water pool is easy when you know the process.

One of the obvious benefits of a salt water pool is that you will no longer need to buy chlorine tablets, shock, or liquid tablets to manually add chlorine. Another benefit is that chloramines will be eliminated and the life of your pool will be extended if it is cared for properly. Chloramines are what create the chlorine smell and might make your eyes red or itchy.

This does not mean that chlorine is completely eliminated from your pool. Actually, the salt water generator or salt water system is creating chlorine and adding it to the pool to keep it sanitized. Altogether, salt is more natural than the harsh chlorine chemicals normally added to a chlorine pool.

Decide on a Salt System

You will have to consider the size of your pool and your budget when deciding on a salt system. You can find a variety of systems that are for 10,000 gallon-100,000 gallon pools. Salt systems have a wide range of price and can cost anywhere from $400-$2,000, depending on the included features. Also, the longer you live in your home with a pool, the more you benefit from the salt system because you aren’t shelling out money each pool season to add chemicals.

Installing the Salt System

Some people decide to install their own salt system while others hire a professional. If you decide to install your own system, be prepared to spend anywhere from three to six hours getting the job done. You will need to have some basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical work. On the other hand, a company will charge you anywhere from $300-$500 to install the new system. Be aware that the salt cell will need to be replaced every three to seven years, which can cost from $200-$700. After the system has been installed, you will need to add the salt. The size of your pool will determine how much salt will initially be added, but it should be within a range of 3,000-3,500 PPM. After your salt system has been set accurately, your pool shouldn’t be too hard to maintain.


It is important to keep your pool well-maintained with balanced pH levels so you can enjoy your backyard oasis. Maintaining a saltwater pool is as easy as adding additional salt to maintain appropriate levels within the pool. Grand Slam Pools will provide reliable service for your pool so you can enjoy all the benefits of a salt water pool. Their honesty and integrity will leave you pleased that you chose their company to maintain your pool.

Relaxing on a beach chair next to your salt pool will make you feel as if you are spending time in your own private resort. Take a dip in your salt pool and you won’t have to worry about red eyes, itchy skin, or the negative effects of chlorine tablets. Enjoy the benefits of your new saltwater pool.




Fixing Pool Old Equipment Is Not For Untrained Professionals

Hard work has a lot of us exposed to the sweltering summer conditions. A blanket of heat with climbing humidity are there to greet us from dawn until well after the sun sets. Even if your career does not have you outside, the commute drains what little energy we have left from our responsibilities. This is where the temptation to create shortcuts is born. Matters that we judge as being able to be put off create safety hazards in and around the pool. The last thing we want to encounter on our arrival home is to find that the pool requires additional attention and extra pool service Sarasota. How do we head off this situation so that we can safely reap the rewards of pool ownership for us and our loved ones?

Source of Serenity and Safety

Safety with peace of mind involves delegation. This is not abdicating responsibility but embracing it by involving individuals with superior skill sets. Why deny our rush to relaxation because we had to research how to balance the pH level in the water? One quick miscalculation can result in the pleasant pool become anything from a breeding ground for microorganisms to a stinging cauldron for our eyes. People of all ages often ingest water due to their frolicking. We should not have to restrain their relaxation because we can not yet get to monitor the pool levels to proclaim it safe. This is just one of the numerous complications one has to contend with if they opt to go it alone with pool maintenance.

Opening Act to Final Call

By enlisting the aid of a professional pool service, the household has protection from the opening act until the final call of that last late season dip. The daunting list of activities that have to be accomplished to safely open up swimming season is no longer a worry. Pesky routine maintenance that extends the life of the pool is rigorously paid attention to. Finally complete drainage and the attention to detail for all off the equipment at closing time ensures that they are safely tucked away from the ravages of winter. Surfaces are skimmed on a scheduled basis. Filtration and circulation systems are kept in optimal order. Potential hazards and pinch points are recognized that would fly under your radar. Daily and seasonal safety factors are addressed in a preventive matter that preserves the budget of the family.

Emergencies and Other Matters Requiring Attention 

Odd sounds and other white knuckle signs no longer require hope that they just go away on their own. Aging equipment often goes offline just when one needs it the most.  Filters, pumps, and heaters are just a few examples of the many parts that have to work in harmony. While money should be no object for the safety of our loved ones, people  panic in just buying replacement parts. This does not solve the source of the problem. Pool professionals have both the extensive experience and training to properly deduce the  source of the problems. Their troubleshooting skills not only fix the matter at hand but prevent it from happening again in the future. This allows you and your loved ones to get  to enjoy the pool much more often and safely swim the summer away. 

These are just a few of the innumerable benefits that come with having a Certified Pool Operator in your corner. Sarasota and the surrounding counties have seen the proficiency  and reliability that Grand Slam Cleaning and Maintenance brings to each and every pool they service. Your family’s safety is their first priority. They not only have the technical  skills but can communicate them in a straight forward and transparent manner. Consistent weekly attention to your pool needs thwart emergencies, extends the life of your pool,  and allows for loved ones worry free relaxation anytime during the summer. Your budget will reflect what our customers already experience. Your pool will be restored to that safe  form of relaxation with Grand Slam in your corner.


Kiddie Pool Safety

When the heat strikes, families flock to the pool to delight in summertime fun. Some do it as a yearly tradition, and others live for the joy of seeing their young children experiencing the pool for the first time. Wading pools are perfect for toddlers and small children as they feature shallow water that is much easier for kids their size to enjoy. Also referred to as the “kiddie pool,” the small pool allows children to discover an activity that can lead to a love of the water over time. Unfortunately, these pools aren’t as harmless as they may seem. Grand Slam Pools Naples Fl offers their cleaning and maintenance services for “kiddie pools”, too.

Overlooked Dangers of Kiddie Pools

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of all of the pools that were closed in 2013 due to significant safety hazards and health violations, kiddie pools came out on top. Babies and toddlers present unique challenges to the quality of a pool’s water. At this age, children are much more likely to succumb to gastrointestinal illness. Their lack of potty training or insufficient hygiene abilities makes them more likely to contaminate the water for others. Also, even those in diapers present the problem of leakage into the water, and the CDC reports that as much as 10 grams of fecal matter can be transmitted from a child’s perianal region to the pool. Other young children are prone to accidentally or intentionally taste or drink pool water, so such factors present significant chance for further illness.

In pools and other facilities, halogenation through use of chlorine or bromine is the main protection used to combat the transmission of infectious pathogens. Maintaining a proper pool pH ensures this system is able to incapacitate these pathogens. If the concentration of disinfectant is inadequate or the pH is off, this poses risk for the spread of illness. These problems are frequently documented in wading pools, and their shallow depths make it easier for the sun’s UV rays to deplete halogens. Without proper storage, labeling and monitoring of pool chemicals, the risk for chemical-associated harm is also present.

Hazards can also occur with the temperature of the water. In settings where the temperature may be too high, sitting in the water for long periods can mimic a fever. This poses risks for hyperthermia in young children as they are yet to develop the full ability to regulate body temperature. For babies, this is even more dangerous as they are even less likely to be able to regulate their temperature due to having a small body mass relative to their total surface area.

Physical safety of the pool structure is also important, and maintaining fencing, gates, walls and doors is essential to minimize the risk of drowning. Safety equipment such as bars and rings is also a priority. According to the CDC, violations of such safety structures occur in as many as 16 percent of routine pool inspections. Enclosures such as fences and walls must be maintained at all times, and routine checks of such structures are necessary as well as quality repairs. Newly-constructed pools should have 6-foot fences to minimize the chances of climbing over for small children. 

How to Keep Children Safe in the Pool

Playing in the pool is an important activity to allow small children to become acclimated to the environment. Taking the right steps to manage the risks involved will allow kids and parents to better reap the full benefits of such an enjoyable activity.

  1. Keep children away from the pool if sick and experiencing diarrhea or other gastrointestinal distress.
  2. If using swimming diapers, change them frequently in the proper facility. Ask or take newly potty-trained children to the bathroom frequently.
  3. Stress how important it is for children to avoid drinking or tasting pool water.
  4. Check the quality of the water before allowing your child to enter. You can use your own testing kit to get a reading of the chlorine levels and pH.

If you want to keep your kids safe in the pool this summer, you need to maintain cleanliness as well as pH and chemical safety. Keeping up with this on your own can be a challenging task, so rely on the professionals at Grand Slam Pools for excellent pool cleaning services. Whether you need chemical treatment, debris removal or anything in-between, Grand Slam Pools can cover you and allow you to enjoy the time you spend with your young ones in the water.


Beat the Heat and Cool Your Pool

When summertime hits, a refreshing dip in the pool can be a welcome way to ditch the heat, of course after your pool has been cleaned from a sarasota pool service. But with temperatures well over one-hundred degrees, a relaxing swim can quickly turn ugly once that pool water heats up! Here are a few ways to cool down that pool and enjoy your summer.

Ditch That Pool Cover

If you haven’t already, stop putting that cover on your pool at the end of the night. This traps heat and keeps the water toasty, exactly what we are trying to avoid. Although it may mean a little more time skimming those pesky leaves, this will make for a much more comfortable swim.

Run the Pump More Frequently

Stagnant water is the main cause of pools staying too warm in the summertime. The heat is absorbed faster when the water is not moving and can cause raised temperatures very quickly. By running the pump in the evening, circulation will lower the pool’s temperature and keep it much more bearable in that triple-digit weather. This particular option can be a little pricy, as keeping your pump running can drastically affect your power bill.

Install a Water Feature

Fountains are not only fun for the kids to play in, and perhaps a few adults as well, but they also circulate the water wonderfully just as a pump would. There are many different sizes and options to choose from, and a water feature is quite easy to install on your own. Some float right in the middle of your pool, and others will attach along the side for your convince. The water is simply circulated right back into the pool, so this is a great choice for those looking to stay green.

Try Out an Aerator

Much like a fountain, the aerator will lower your pool’s temperature around four degrees by recycling the water back into it. This is a fairly inexpensive way to beat the heat, although it is not quite as becoming as a water feature. There are a few types to choose from depending on the size of your pool, and they also install quite easily, making this a very popular option.

Buy a Pool Cooler

This option is a heftier investment than those previously mentioned, but will definitely cool your pool quickly and efficiently. It is similar to a pump in a way; the water goes into the cooler and bypasses a fan, lowering the temperature of the pool by as much as fifteen degrees. They do need to be installed by a professional and require regular maintenance, which is something to consider before taking the plunge and purchasing one.

Throw it Some Shade

Shading your pool may not always be an available option, but it is a pretty good way of keeping the water cool. After all, if the sun does not hit the pool, it won’t warm it up! Planting trees around the area will help dramatically, but of course this requires time and maintenance. While it is a nice addition to any backyard, it is not always the simplest choice. If you are able to utilize an awning or large umbrella, this will work just as well.

Of course, maintaining your pool is important to keeping it comfortable as well. Whether you need a filter, pump or upgrade, be sure to visit Grand Slam Pools for all of your pool needs! We do everything from pressure cleaning to lighting, and are quite affordable. Give us a call today, you will be glad you did!  

The Importance Of Ongoing Pool Maintenance

After below average temperatures of a long winter, a nice dip in the pool seems like an unachievable dream, but with the proper naples pool service, maintenance and education, it becomes a reality. Here are some tips on seeing to it that your pool stays clean, healthy and inviting so your family and friends will enjoy spending time relaxing.

Remove all debris

Leaves, twigs, bird droppings and other contaminants end up in pool water and pose a health risk to your family and guests. Use the long handled net tool to retrieve these items and follow up with filtration and proper chemical mixtures.

Use the pool vacuum system

A vacuum system for your pool is as vital as breathing air because while you slept, floating debris fell off the trees, blew in with the wind, or just fell off critters that happened to walk by the pool. A vacuum system reaches all the way to the bottom and sucks up everything in its path. Filtration is still necessary as dust particles mix with the water and remain as a film on the pool sides.

Maintain circulation

Water flow is of vital importance because stagnant water is a health hazard. Unimaginable microbes grow in the stillness and without sufficient flow, they assist the growth of mold and mildew. Ask your dealer about the recommended schedule for running the pump and what other tips they have to minimize this problem.

Filtration is crucial

When the pool pump is operating, it forces the water to circulate and helps minimize harmful growth, but filtration must follow along with the effort to remove those contaminants. Otherwise, the water will get dark and murky more often and cause health issues to your loved ones.

Correctly measure the chemicals

Your swimming pool dealer carries a full line of products intended for healthy pool living and is the source to contact about which of them is best. Ask  for detailed instructions on who to read test units and make sure you use the correct measurements. Too many chemicals burn human skin, and if swallowed could cause death!

Purchase a pool cover

Among the smartest investments in life is a pool cover because it keeps the majority of the debris and airborne dirt out of the water and minimizes the time spent screening, vacuuming and changing filters. It also decreases the amount of chemicals needed to maintain a healthy environment for humans to enjoy floating and playing pool games.

If the time it takes to manage your pool is not in sync with your schedule, here are some additional services and what they include.

Full-Service Pool Dealer

  • Brushing all sides and bottom of pool
  • Tile Scrub
  • Checking and balancing of chemicals
  • Equipment check
  • Skimming the water debris
  • Emptying of your skimmer basket
  • Vacuuming (monthly)
  • Filter cleaning (monthly)

Chemical Only Service

  • Checking and balancing of chemicals
  • Double Checking the readings

Full Service with Weekly Vacuuming

  • Brushing 
  • Tile Scrub
  • Checking and balancing of chemicals
  • Equipment check
  • Skimming
  • Emptying of your skimmer basket
  • Vacuum weekly
  • Filter cleaning (monthly or sooner if needed)
  • Phosphate Removal Included
  • Algae Prevention Treatment Included
  • Free Service Call Every 3 months

Pressure Cleaning

  • Decks
  • Sidewalks
  • Patio
  • Driveway
  • House Exteriors
  • Screen Enclosures
  • You name it

The above information provides the primary services and can easily include or omit those features not needed. However, for the best advice concerning any size pool, your local full-service pool dealer is the team to contact. Ask about their free two week services with NO contract deals and where they hang their certifications. The following are three of the most used and necessary pool services that save you time and money. Grand Slam Pools motto is the best pool services never cut corners but rather strive for gaining quality.