How to Choose the Right Pool Heater

How to Choose the Right Pool Heater

After all the summer projects and if your lucky vacations, you finally start to find the time to enjoy the pool. After all the pool is probably why you chose the house. But when you put your foot in the pool you realize somehow this magic water is 78 degrees in Floridas humid 94 degree weather. Come on you were at least expecting 82 degrees. Instead of waiting till Spring you decide its finally time to get that pool heater you have been talking about. But what pool heater should you get?




There are many many different heaters to choose from, the two main ones are a Heat pump and a Gas Heater. They both will heat the pool however there are differences between the two. A heat Pump has a very high efficiency rating, meaning all energy that is used is converted to heat. However a gas heater will have energy loss while converting energy (gas) to heat. A gas heater is normally cheaper by roughly $1,000to install. But in the long run cost more to operate. The majority of the time what you see here i southwest florida installed is Heat Pumps, I always say they look like Ac units basically .



A gas Heater comes in many different forms. Here are a few examples .



GrandSlam puts their stamp of approval Heat pumps rather than heaters for most installations and occasions.


The reason is :

  • It is a dominant market and you will find more people that have more knowledge about heat pumps verse heaters.
  • Rarely do you have gas access in florida homes so you incur a separate installation fee.
  • Heat pumps are way more affordable to operate monthly.
  • The hassle of refilling gas tanks.
  • Heat pumps are constantly getting better.


Which Brand Of Heat Pump Should I Get ??

I am going to tell you a secret (shhhhh) . Every contractor falls in love with a particular heat pump. But for the most part they all start off working pretty much the same. Sure there is a difference between decibels and how quiet they operate and a slight difference in true BTU readings. But they will all heat the pool. Im not saying go buy a off brand heat pump for pennies and expect great results. Stick to the main ones, Pentair, Aquatherm, Built Right, Gulf Stream, Hayward, Aqua cal, etc… Don’t guy buy a $50 shoe box heater and expect results.

What really matters

is a few years down the road after you have the heater. That is what separates the men from the boys. Because not all heat pumps are created the same. They will all turn on and work at first. But if proper precautions and skilled engineering doesn’t take place in the factory you have a sizable investment in something you didnt get your monies worth out of. You want to find the company who backs their product with a warranty and read some reviews.

Warranty Matter

Because guess what mistakes happen and as much as quality control is insured sometimes their are minor factory defaults. And you want a company who will take care of the unit even if it means installing a brand new one. You want a trusted name that stands by their work and you also want to work with a top ranked Contractor who is willing to make sure their customer is satisfied and take care of all this for you. You shouldn’t have to worry about fixing the heater should something happen you should be able to call the professional who installed it and simply ask its taken care of. ( this is where i should insert my company plug butyl save that for the end)

Find a great heater with a  great warranty and a great licensed contractor to install it for you . The majority of warranties are void if it has not been installed by a licensed contractor. So make sure you know who your dealing with. And always hire a Licensed Contractor .


How Much should I spend?



When you are making a investment on a heat pump i would not always go for the lowest price. A lot goes into making sure the heaters are installed with quality and proper flow for ultimate heating. I always love shooting straight in my posts. A average size heat pump (115,000 BTUs) that will heat a pool and spa combo to a warm temperature ranges to be installed with all equipment and labor anywhere from $3000- $5,000 Depending on the heater you are wanting and the different features they offer. Some even have chillers built in to where you can cool or chill the pool in the hottest months. Some are very very quiet some would even say “super quiet”. But remember these are added on features that you will pay for.


Find the Pool Heater that is right for you today and call GrandSlam . IMG_3870


Click here to Watch GrandSlam Video On heat Pumps



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